Hosted Wi-Fi Management

We provide hotspot management and billing services for businesses or individuals who want to provide internet for their customers.!

Print prepaid tickets, voucher plans, with the ability to mix free and paid plans within a single hotspot, accept all major credit cards.
Integrate seamlessly with your existing Ubiquiti, DD-WRT standard, Mikrotik, Altai, and Open-Mesh deployments.

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How our cloud WiFi service works?

The wifi user connects to the hotspot wifi network with a computer, pda or any other wifi device with a web browser.Then any connection attempt to a website will be automatically redirected to the hotspot website (this is called a portal).This redirection is performed by a captive portal software which is situated in (or near) the wifi access point, because the user is not yet authenticated.Dynaspot provides the hotspot portal service that authenticates the user and checks that the hotspot access policy is met. When this is done, our replies a message back to the access point granting access to the internet, possibly with some restrictions (max connection time, max volume or max rate).

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Steps to setup Dynaspot WiFi

Sign up

Create your account in our Cloud wifi controller

Setup your router

Select your router and download the firmware!

Create Wifi tickets

Create service plans like 1 hour, 500 MB Data limit and 2 MBPS bandwidth etc.,and generate tickets

Ready to go..

Sell or give complimentary wifi access tickets to your customers

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